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With Onin 3's blogging service we set up a blog on your website and write blogs for you. We can train you to do this yourself if you find it beneficial (get in touch to find out more).

If you want to start dominating in your niche both locally and beyond, a blog can help you do that. You can blog about many things.

There are several kinds of blogs you can share:

  • Reviews
  • List blogs (eg benefits of product x)
  • How to blogs

These are just a few small examples. Including relevant images and links are essential if you want to use the blog to potentially help develop your business income further.

Our blogging service includes SEO optimising the content, adding in images and links to enhance the appearance and initial sharing on social media and other platforms.

Prices start at £49 per post depending on the length of the article and the keywords etc.

Contact us to find out more.

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About Onin 3.

Onin3 is the web design division of BE Marketing and SEO. If you want to see testimonials about our overall service go here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blogging is a good way to increase your reach and get out your brand message to more people. Google loves fresh, relevant content and this is possible through blogging.

You can blog about the benefits of your product or service, how to do a simple job related to your service (how to) and more.

You can find other places to get blog posts from, but you won’t get the extras like images, review of the content and sharing etc.

Most blog posts need to be at least 600 words and other writers will write less than that and overall the value for money may not be as good.

Please ask away! We’re delighted with our services and can answer any questions about them. So please get in touch with one of our pleasant staff right now to discuss anything you want to know!